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Phil Walker, our founder, first traveled to India in 2018 leading a group of 5 friends from San Francisco. He fell in love with India and its people. Many of the friends in his group said this was the best trip of their lives! For Phil, it definitely was.

What stunned Phil about India was the incredibly low cost of travel there coupled with the 5-star hotels, restaurants, and sights that you got. Having traveled all over the world, Phil was amazed by the “bang you got for your buck” in India.

Several years before 2018, friends of Phil’s had invited him to go to India. He was thrilled and said, “Yes.” When the brochure for the trip came from a leading tour operator, his mouth fell open. The cost of the trip for 1 person for 2 weeks was $10,000. Phil could not afford it.

When Phil put his first trip to India together for his friends in 2018, he found he could arrange air from San Francisco and 4/5-star hotels for 16 days for $1,650.00 (about $100 per day versus the leading tour operator’s rate of $625 per day). When he got to India, he was stunned to find that lunch cost $10 including drinks and dinner usually cost $30 including drinks. Dinner at the most expensive restaurant in Delhi, including drinks and tip, was $60 per person. Tour guides cost about $30 per day while drivers were $20 per day. Tailoring was incredibly cheap. You could buy beautiful fabrics and gifts for very little. He even redid his home with fabrics purchased in India for one quarter of what their US price was (he had priced the fabric before he went to India). He just loaded the fabrics in a suitcase and brought them home.

Phil loved India and was thrilled at the reasonable cost of traveling there. He wanted to share his India experience with friends and their friends. As a result, Affordable India Travel was born. The company’s purpose is to provide “our travel friends” affordable travel to India.


Information on What to See: The Best Sights and Experiences as well as Spots Only the Locals Know

A Travel Host to Guide them to the best shops, sights, hotels, and restaurants; negotiate for them in the market; and guide them from sight to sight

Hands-on experiences: Day with the Elephants, Camel Safari, Cooking Classes and Lunch on Delhi Rooftop

Phil has been creating and leading tours for friends since his first year in college, 45 years ago. He hopes you will become one of those friends by joining Affordable India Travel on an adventure.

Phil travels to India several times each year to discover new, unique locations to add to our menu. Most recently, through a friend in Delhi, he discovered Neemrana Fort–a fort from the 1400’s which has been renovated into a magnificent, must-see hotel. This is a destination which few Westerners know, yet it is incredibly popular with people from Delhi. You will not want to miss it.

Phil knew that the secret of any company’s providing travel experiences was the quality of the people on its team. To that end, he enlisted Singh, a food blogger in Delhi, to select and create the list of recommended restaurants. We do not provide you with an exhaustive list. Rather, we give you the places we would take a best friend. Phil brought in friends from Delhi and Jaipur–Rahul and Janamjay–to put together the must-see sights in their hometowns. We want people to see the things our Travel Hosts love. When Phil first traveled to India, one of his favorite experiences was a day with elephants in Jaipur. So, he has found special, hand-on experiences for you to enjoy including a day with the elephants, Indian cooking class and rooftop meal in a Delhi home, morning watching cricket and learning about the game (followed by cocktails), wild rickshaw ride through Old Delhi, sunrise breakfast overlooking the Taj Mahal, and a “bucket list” stay at the the Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur, the world’s #1 hotel.

Phil brought in Gurjeet to create special evenings for our female travel guests and to be our resident expert on Indian politics, Vish to lead you to the best of clubs and nightlife in Delhi (he loves nightclubs!), and our own Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Refat Rasul, to ensure that all of your medical needs are covered.

Affordable India Travel combines a founder who loves to put together tours for his friends with a team of locals who love to share their hometowns with others. We do not take people on tours. We show our friends around just as you would show your best friend your hometown. We don’t give you an exhaustive list of all the things you can see. We take you to see only the best. We do not take everyone to the same places. We contact you by Skype before your trip and craft the schedule and sights to exactly what you want. If you want museums and monuments, perfect. If you want food and markets, we’ll arrange that. If you love shopping, we’ll take you to the best shops and do the negotiating. If you love beautiful hotels, we’ll guide you there. If you want sights, restaurants, and shops that only the locals know, we’ve got them because we only have “locals” on our Team.

Most of all, if you want to have FUN, that is what Affordable India Travel is all about. To Phil, the most important thing about travel is having fun. So, he only hires people who are incredibly fun. In Phil’s words, to be selected by Affordable India Travel, our Travel hosts must be fun, friendly, fabulous and un-forgettable! Once you meet them, you will see that they are.

From all of us at Affordable India Travel to all of you,

“Welcome to the Family. We look forward to sharing our love for India with you!”

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